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"By implementing Connect2Field, our plumbing business has saved $27,000 a year in lost revenue."


Plumbing Company


JedPlumb are a plumbing company based in Cromer on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. They guarantee you with quality work and honest fieldworkers who can attend to all your plumbing needs including; green plumbing (environmentally friendly), gas-fitting & hot water solutions, bathroom, kitchen & home plumbing, fantastic customer service and rock solid reliability while delivering the best plumbing repairs, products and installation services. JedPlumb have been using Connect2Field for the past 8 months

We caught up with Jed, founder and manager of JedPlumb to find out how Connect2Field has improved his service business:



Before Connect2Field

“Prior to using Connect2Field, we struggled with handwritten, individual job sheets for each job, every day. This was the catalyst because one fieldworker could have up for 8 jobs a day meaning heaps of paperwork was necessary”.

“We used to need to physically price labour and materials and then send it to our bookkeeper”

“This was costing me $27,000 a year in lost revenue in time spent at my desk completing all the necessary work – costing Connect2Field against this was not a difficult decision”

“The best part of it is that I have extra free time to help more customers in the field, or work on the business rather than in it – chasing more leads and clients and creating more business”

“We use Connect2Field to dispatch jobs to our fieldworkers, costing, pricing and invoicing”

“We use MYOB and will shortly be integrating this with our Connect2Field account to save our bookeeper from so much time spent on data entry”

“It is also great to be able to know where our fieldworkers are and their job statuses without having to constantly call them”

Most Used Feature

“Job Scheduling.”

Mobile Access

“Our fieldworkers are all using iPads to access Connect2Field in the field. In the back office, a notebook PC is used to enter in information to our account.”

How Connect2Field has improved their business

“Connect2Field has helped us to streamline our business and improve efficiency. It has improved cashflow and general organisation by allowing us to be more productive with our time which is reflected in the success of our business”


“The customer service we have received has also been really great and help is available as and when we need it. We will also be integrating Connect2Field with our MYOB accounting software in the near future which we are pretty excited about.”