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"Connect2Field has given me time to spend on the more important things I need to do"...


Maintenance Company

Oovie, part of the Hoyts group, is Australia’s largest network of DVD rental machines. Founded in 2005 by Andrew Evetts and Ian O’Rourke, Oovie currently has 385 machines in VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD & TAS and is rapidly expanding. Oovie already has over 300,000 customers and has rented over 2 Million DVDs. Oovie pioneered $2.99 new release DVD rentals in Australia and the Rent Anywhere Return Anywhere convenience for their customers. Oovie’s maintenance fieldworkers started using Connect2Field in July 2011. We caught up with Dustin, one of Oovie’s Warehouse Manager based in Sydney as he explained to us how Connect2Field has changed the way they work. “Prior to implementing Connect2Field all service calls were managed on a google document and shared between workers. There was also a physical paper document. It was hard to monitor what was happening because we couldn’t see the status of things in real-time. It was also really hard to analyse data as we had to work everything out individually and manually.”

Most useful feature?

“The most useful feature of Connect2Field for us is Dynamic Questions. We are able to go into necessary detail with our fieldworkers about various problems that occur with our kiosks. This means we can narrow queries down easily, asking the correct questions without the fieldworker having to answer 40 questions of which most are irrelevant.” “Our staff use their iPads and iPhones when working in the field. In the back office we have a Mac and an HP PC to enter in data and dispatch jobs.”

How has it changed your business?

“I don’t have to ring our many different fieldworkers to find out how their jobs are going. Its given me time to spend on the more important things I need to do. This has undoubtedly saved us both time and money. It’s also been beneficial to easily run reports and feed back to our fieldworkers quickly.”

What’s the best thing about it?

“The best thing about Connect2Field is being able to monitor job statuses so we are always in the loop and can notify customers of what’s going on.”


“With Connect2Field, we can use their API to connect to our third party Kiosk Management system which automatically updates our Connect2Field account. 3-10 new machines are being installed each week and this auto-updating means we don’t have to keep importing each new kiosk into the system. We never have to worry about any missing data or clients. Again, we are saving so much time by eliminating the need for double entering of data.”