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Steve is the founder of Connect2Field. He loves helping business use technology to improve the way their business operates. When away from the office he enjoys scuba diving, playing floorball or racing down a mountain on his snowboard.


Over the past month we have moved our phone system to a cloud PBX. Using a cloud PBX is the same concept as using a cloud software provider like Connect2Field. You don’t have to worry about updates, redundancies or have the skills internally to manage the phone system. Similar to Connect2Field you enter in an address to connect to the service and you’re up and running in a matter of minutes.

Previously if you had a team of people in your office, you had to have a phone system physically installed in your office. If you moved office or your business started to grow you had to call the phone guys in to help setup the new phones. It was pretty painful, not to mention expensive.

These days running a phone system is so much easier by using a cloud PBX system. All you need is an internet connection and an IP enabled phone. You simply plug the phone into your network, and once it is configured it will connect to a cloud PBX system.

We used the guys from Coloured Lines which have made the process smooth sailing. We now have phones at multiple office around the world and have a number of features like call recording, time of day routing, on hold music, International numbers are displayed when we call different countries. For example when we call our USA customers our USA number appears and call quality is like we are in the USA. Moving our PBX to the cloud has allowed us to focus on growing Connect2Field and not have to worry about how our telephone system will cope with the growth. We’ve also saved a lot a heap of money!

You’ll notice now when you call our office your call will be automatically answered by our Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) which will then prompt you to dial 1 for Getting Started, 2 for Support and 3 for Billing. We added in one more option which is to talk to our CEO.

As part of putting in the cloud PBX we wanted to have some new hold music to put valuable information on there about what’s happening at Connect2Field.

When we looked around on the internet we found a number of companies which offered hold music most charged upwards of $400+

We approached the guys from http://www.voiceoversnow.com.au/ they charged us $150 for our voiceovers and were able to overlay some music into the background.

We were pretty happy with the results so we thought we would share with you here:

If your business is growing, think about using a Cloud PBX system, it’s inexpensive to get up and running and grows as you need it too. Feel free to contact us if you need any advice on the best option.

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