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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Connect2Field do?

Connect2Field is software designed to help field service business become more proactive, organised, thorough and paperless! It allows you to schedule work to members of your field staff from the comfort of your office. Someone from the office delegates work to the field staff from their PC, to the staff member’s mobile device. The software is compatible with all smartphones that use an internet browser and there is also an application available for the iPhone.

Essentially, Connect2Field is a scheduling and dispatch tool based in the cloud, which syncs the work in your office with your field workers

Whats the best way to trial Connect2Field ?

The best way to explore what Connect2Field has to offer, is by signing up to a 14-Day free trial account. There are many help and education resources on our website, to help you get the most out of the service. You can even Register for an upcoming webinar.

After your trial finishes, you are given the opportunity to choose a monthly plan based on the size of your business and number of fieldworkers. Connect2Field gives you the freedom to choose month by month which service plan to use, and will never tie you into a contract.

Connect2Field is hosted in the Cloud – what does this mean?

Cloud computing is a new concept in the world of technology, and is becoming a better, more efficient way for businesses to use software. It means that programs sit on web-based servers, eliminating the need to purchase software or software licenses to give employees the tools they need to do their job.

Our service is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform; which is both reliable and secure.

Which countries are most suited to Connect2Field?

Our system is used by many companies located all over the globe. Any business which has a need for scheduling field staff and managing field service from the office with internet access can use Connect2Field. We currently only support English Language, so that is a basic requirement.

What mobile devices are supported?

All mobile smartphones with access to an internet browser. There is also an iPhone app available.
Your field staff can run Connect2Field on their iPhone, iPads Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, Nokia and many other phones.

How do i access Connect2Field on my mobile device?

We have a WebApp for all mobile and smart devices:

What sort of things can i do using the Field Worker Login?

The field worker web interface allows you to:

  • Complete the assigned jobs
  • Add new client
  • Add new job
  • Capture Clients signature as a conformation for job completion
  • Download and email invoices to clients
  • Upload documents to the admin
  • Assign products/services to the job and invoice thereof.
  • Data and Security

How reliable is your service?

We pride ourselves on our reliability – we rarely have “downtime”. Microsoft Azure is a secure and reliable platform. For ease of mind, feel free to read our Business Service Level Agreement which applies to all customers. You can check out our performance here. 

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored on secure Microsoft Windows Azure Servers which are replicated across multiple locations in real-time to ensure 24/7 reliability of our software.

Who owns your data?

You own your data and can download your data to your local machine at any time you choose. Your Connect2Field account is powered by a built-in import/export module.

How much does Connect2field cost?

The initial 14 day trial is free of charge and has complete features for you to enjoy.

Once the trial is over, the charges are as follows:

AUD $65 per Admin license, per month

AUD $10 per Field Staff license, per month

We do not lock you on for a set period of time. You pay per month based on your users and can upgrade or downgrade any time.

How can I pay?

Credit or debit card.

How do I get billed?

There are no set up fees.  We bill you once a month by automatic debit of your credit card, we will email you with an invoice at the time we charge you.

How often is Connect2Field updated?

We frequently update our system with the lnew improvement and fixes, You can find what the latest updates are at the Connect2Field Forums.
Also, as our application is web-based all the latest features are automatically added to your account, so there is never a need to download or upgrade.

What if I need a feature that is not available?

Feel free to send us your feature requests to

What if my question is not answered here?

If your question is not answered here or you need any technical assistance you can email us at We offer round the clock assistance to our customersand a live chat feature on our site. You can chat with us directly from your Admin account via the ‘Ask Us’ link. To book a demo of the application, you can Register Here.

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